Year of Polygamy: Rachel Ivins, Heber J. Grant, and the “End” of LDS Plural Marriage, Episode 92

Emily Wells Grant and Heber J. Grant in Venice, Italy 1906


Join Lindsay and Mithryn as they discuss the life of Heber J. Grant, Rachel Ivins, and the “end” of the LDS polygamy era.


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Year of Polygamy: Polygamy as Art, Episode 91

DIGITAL DOWNLOAD | 8X10 Emma, Joseph and his Invisble Wives

Join Lindsay as she talks with two LDS Mormon artists about how they have used polygamy as a medium in their art.

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Year of Polygamy: Joseph F. Smith and the Changing Church, Episode 90

Joseph F. Smith, Julina Lambson Smith

Join Lindsay as she describes how the church slowly begins to move out of being a polygamous-centered church and the influence that Joseph F. Smith, and those around him had on that transition.

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Year of Polygamy: An Interview with an Apostle for Centennial Park, Episode 89


Join Lindsay as she interviews one of the spiritual leaders of Mormon Fundamentalist group living in Centennial Park, Arizona.


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Year of Polygamy: Ben Bistline, FLDS Historian, Episode 88

mormonhair:The five wives of Richard S Jessop and several of their children rest in Short Creek Arizona, 1953photo by Joern Gerdts, Getty ImagesRichard Seth Jessop (1894-1978) was Merril Jessop’s father. He was simultaneously Carolyn Jessop’s father-in-law and stepgrandfather.Richard Seth Jessop was a son of Joseph Smith Jessop snr. Richard’s siblings include Uncle Fred, Vergel Yeates Jessop and the AUB’s Joseph Lyman Jessop snr.  Richard Seth Jessop’s AGE AT RAID: almost 60 years old.Richard’s wives were1) Alveda Anderson. Richard’s first wife Alveda (marriage in 1915) had died in 1927. 2) Ida Young Johnson (1906-1956). Parents: Jeremiah Nelson Johnson & Anna “Annie” Maud Young. Marriage in 1928. Jeremiah Johnson was a brother of Leroy S. Johnson and Warren Elmer Johnson (all were sons of Warren Marshall Johnson). AGE AT RAID: 47. Ida was Merril Jessop’s mother.   3) Fern Judith “Judy” Carlson Shapley (1919-1992). AGE AT RAID: 34.4) Lola Spencer Johnson (1916-2012). Parents: Warren Elmer Johnson & Viola Spencer. 14 children. AGE AT RAID: 37. 5) Artemishia “Mishie” Spencer Johnson (*1931), spelled “Artimichie” in Richard Seth Jessop’s obituary- for reasons unclear to me she was the legal wife when he died. Parents: Warren Elmer Johnson & Viola Spencer. Children include Ernest Randolph Jessop (1950-1975), died of brain tumor. Mishie was a teenager and Richard Seth was in his 50s years old when he impregnated her. AGE AT RAID: 21 years old.  6) Jennie Johnson Bistline (1902-1984). Widow of John Anthony Bistline, who had died in 1949. Maternal grandmother of Carolyn Bistline Blackmore. John Anthony Bistline died when Carolyn Bistline’s mother Nurylon Johnson Bistline was only two years old. Nurylon was then raised by Richard Seth Jessop. Which means that Merril Jessop and Carolyn Bistline were uncle and niece by marriage… and that Merril Jessop and his later mother-in-law Nurylon Bistline had been raised as siblings. Similarly, Jennie’s son and Nurylon’s brother Ben Bistline (the author) married his stepsister (Merril’s full sister) Annie Johnson Jessop. Jennie Johnson was not closely related to her sisterwives Ida Johnson and Ida’s cousins Mishie and Lola Johnson. Jennie was a great-granddaughter of Benjamin F. Johnson. AGE AT RAID: 51 years old.In the picture above, Jennie is definitely the second from left. Ida is the woman at the far right. Mishie and her full sister Lola Spencer Johnson are between Jennie and Ida. Which would make the woman in the front Fern Carlson.More pictures of Richard Seth Jessop’s family during the Short Creek raid: Two of the wives of Richard Seth Jessop are also featured on the right here, all 5 wives and the children are also here and the wife on the far left of the picture above (probably Fern Carlson) is also in this picture here.    
“If we give up plural marriage, the streets will be filled with harlots and soldiers will be corrupting the fair daughters of Zion.” (1944 polygamy trial defense) “I don’t believe in all that women’s lib stuff.” (Valerie Darger) The five wives of Richard S Jessop and several of their children rest in Short Creek Arizona, 1953


Join Lindsay as she interviews FLDS historian Benjamin Bistline about growing up in Short Creek and about his work.


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Episode 132: Introducing “Debrief Society”



LDS women going through a faith crisis have a unique experience.  Along with a loss of faith, LDS women deal with an added loss of self-identity and community. Debrief Society is a new Facebook and Podcast community designed to meet the needs of women in this process.

In this episode, the creators of D.S. explain their community’s goals and invite women to find safe passage with them as they navigate through this transition & onto finding a community …. and themselves.

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Year of Polygamy: The Murder of Parley P. Pratt, Episode 87

The Murder of Parley P. Pratt

Join Lindsay as she interviews Joe Geisner about the murder of Mormon apostle Parley P. Pratt.

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Episode 131: Learning From Lorie Winder Stromberg


Join Lisa as she interviews Lorie Winder Stromberg from #EqualinFaith and Ordain Women.

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Call to Action: Stop FLDS Thug From Being Glorified on Oprah

Hey listeners, we need your help!

Oprah Winfrey is planning to do a follow-up interview with Willie Jessop (deemed Willie the Thug by FLDS followers) where Willie expresses a radical change of heart and will be allowed the opportunity to promote himself and his business interests.


FLDS Investigator Sam Brower claims that Jessop, “has brought more suffering to Women and children, and also men, than anyone other than Warren himself.”

Jessop’s alleged activities are long and sordid and include allegedly arranging underage marriages, violence and intimidation, and allegations of human trafficking. He he has joined sides with Bruce Wisan to try to defame Elissa Wall in her lawsuit against the UEP Trust and is involved in re-victimizing men and women who have escaped the FLDS. He is also capitalizing on the place where Warren had plans to abuse women by turning Warren’s old home into a Bed and Breakfast vacation spot.

Why would Oprah give a known thug and misogynist, a man who is clearly profiting off of the crimes of Warren Jeffs, a platform to continue to abuse victims? Are ratings worth empowering a man who has allegedly damaged the lives of thousands?

Willie Jessop is no hero and he needs to change more than his heart, he needs to change his actions.

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‪#‎DontHostCriminals‬ ‪#‎WillietheThug‬ ‪#‎StopWillieJessop‬



For more information on #WillietheThug and his alleged crimes:…/Washington-County-sends-dossie……/willie-jessop-who-once-defended-war……/willie-jessop-who-once-defended-war……/57949516-191/jessop-rights-flds-hil……/Polygamous-sect-leader-Warren-……/oprah-where-are-…/377630/

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Year of Polygamy: Growing Up FLDS- An Interview with Trevor Jeffs, Episode 86

11064402_10204442348523214_1213440197_oJoin Lindsay as she interview Trevor Jeffs, nephew of Warren Jeffs about his exit from the FLDS eight months ago.

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History of the FLDS part one



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