New Project from Lindsay Hansen Park: Story of Woman Podcast

The Year of Polygamy series might have concluded, but Lindsay is far from done telling women’s stories. Check out her latest project!


What is Woman? The Story of Woman Podcast, a program dubbed, “Hard Core History with more women” weaves histories of women, through the lens of women, with the latest research and experts in the field. Broad and expansive, this series begins at the dawn of life and crawls to the modern age through exciting and largely untold tales of the women who built our world. The project has generated a lot of buzz! Sponsored by BlueHost, co-produced by Jake Spurlock, Grace Pool, and Adam Groves and teaming with a host of researchers, including anthropologists, historians, biologists and more, you won’t want to miss an episode.

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Year of Polygamy: Final Episode 100


Join Lindsay as she records her final episode in the Year of Polygamy series.

Part Two of this episode. Mormon historians talk about their personal views on Mormon polygamy:

The Live Recording taped on June 27, 2015 at Writ & Vision in Provo, Utah.

Special thanks to Writ & Vision and Brad Kramer for hosting our final episode. Please go support them!

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