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In conjunction with the Winter Issue of Exponent II, which is guest edited by the Mormon Women Project, we are proud to share Sarah Collett’s interview with Neylan McBaine. As an active and faithful Latter-Day Saint, Neylan shares her story of how she was led to start the Mormon Women Project, a non-profit website which features weekly interviews with LDS women from around the world.  Neylan and Sarah also discuss the various modern issues and challenges that face the LDS Church and its members as it relates to gendered participation, which Neylan presented on at the 2012 FAIR Conference.

Neylan McBaine is a graduate of Yale University and is currently an Associate Creative Director at Bonneville Communications. Neylan’s writings have been published in Newsweek, The Washington Post, Dialogue: A Journal of Mormon Thought, Segullah, Meridian Magazine, and She is also the author of a collection of personal essays—How to Be a Twenty-First Century Pioneer Woman (2008). In addition to her career as a marketing guru, her contributions as an essayist, and her work with MWP, Neylan is also a devoted wife and mother of three daughters. We are incredibly grateful for her willingness to share her story and thoughts with us at A Thoughtful Faith.


Exponent II
Mormon Women Project Website
– Neylan’s 2012 FAIR Conference Presentation: To Do the Business of the Church: A Cooperative Paradigm for Examining Gendered Participation Within Church Organizational Structure

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Episode 29: Meet Ellis Shipp

In this episode, Lindsay and Alyssa are joined by Liz Hammond (who blogs as Elisothel at FMH) as Liz relates the fascinating story of Ellis Shipp, a Mormon woman (1847-1939) who was one of the first female doctors in the Utah territory. As part of the growing national feminist movement during this era, new organizations known as the Ladies Physiological Reform Societies called for the need to educate women physicians. These benevolent societies were instrumental in the formation of the Boston Female Medical College and the Female Medical College of Philadelphia in 1850. These two colleges graduated hundreds of female physicians, including Ellis Shipp who is the subject of our podcast today. Come listen to this fascinating and inspiring story of one of our female foremothers and all the tremendous work she accomplished in Utah during her lifetime.

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