Lindsay blogs by day as Winterbuzz at Feminist Mormon Housewives and records podcasts by night for the fMh podcast. She is a photo editor, mother of three kids and the Social Media Director for Sunstone. She currently resides in Zion and loves to hear herself talk.


Lisa is founder and beneficent tyrant of Feminist Mormon Housewives. She can’t spell, so if you’re one of those red ink nazi’s, just back off!


Malia is a Lamanite. She likes cute boys, clothes, and fighting the patriarchy.













Cami is a single mom with a budding feminist  to raise. They live in Northern Nevada while she is obtaining her Masters in Counseling weekly at the University of Phoenix in Sacramento.

Born and raised LDS, Cami loves her heritage while also embracing the goodness of Yoga, Eastern religious values and all theologies (or lack thereof) :)  She loves her family, her circle of friends, cheese cake and  t.v. shows that cause her to erupt in “loud laughter”.


Behind the Scenes Crew


Amber has lived all over the western US and is a recent transplant to the Real Zion (i.e. Missouri).  She is a stay-at-home mom to three kids who amuse her with their witty commentary about dirt, PBS, and growing up.  She is as passionate about feminism as she is about avoiding housework.  When she isn’t burning food, she writes at Making the Moments Count.