BONUS EPISODE: The September Six and Other Disciplined Dissidents

To remember the events of September 1993, and the events that led up to and followed, we present a series of three bonus podcasts to be released this month (September 2012). Today, join Kaimi and Alyssa as they give the historical context of the excommunicated intellectuals and feminists dubbed, “The September Six.” They also discuss other prominent feminists punished for their work and beliefs. This is not to be missed!

Links discussed in this podcast:

Sunstone Magazine article about the events

Lavina’s excellent, very thorough chronology of church acts prior to 1993

Lavina’s retrospective

Paul Toscano’s Sunstone Piece

Maxine Hanks’ “Women and Authority”

Michael Quinn’s “Pillars of My Faith”

5 thoughts on “BONUS EPISODE: The September Six and Other Disciplined Dissidents

  1. Wow. I have been educated. I was in my early 30’s at the time of the September 6, and remember it as only a blip across my radar. Now, I’m feeling angry and sad, and resentful of the supposed authority that attempted to quiet those who only wanted to shed light on our history. Thank you for honoring them with this podcast, and for enlightening me with the story of bravery and courage exhibited by these extraordinary men and women.

  2. Great way to start off my morning. Its fascinating how The Church has changed its stance on history and how it portrays everything.

  3. I enjoyed this podcast immensely. I was a young college student who was immersed in the drama of my life and finding my own identity and was largely unaware of the September 6 until recent years.

    One thing that really caught my attention was Avram Gilliad’s interpretation of Isaiah. It was surprising for me to learn that he was excommunicated for interpreting Isaiah to say that the church would fall into apostasy prior to the Second Coming of Christ as that is how I have read and interpreted what not only Isaiah says but also from what I’ve been reading in the book of Helaman.

    Thank you all for taking the time to share this often unspoken piece of Mormon history.

  4. Thank you Lindsay, Kaimi, and Alyssa for this. As someone who has been disciplined for things I’ve said in the FB group, it is a rather vulnerable position to be in. It makes you feel like you don’t matter and the institution cares more about protecting itself than the well-being of individual members. Of course, my situation is different than the average member and I don’t see this happening to an average Joe sitting in the back pew. And I don’t even care if I get in trouble for saying this much because my salvation is between me and my Savior and not them.

  5. Great podcast! Is there anyway to buy the piano sheet music to that song at the end? It was so beautiful. I love the Primary songs and I would love to play this in sacrament meeting. I realize this comment is about 2 years late, but maybe someone still reads them :)

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