(updated with better audio) Bonus Podcast: Margaret and Paul Toscano on Online Mormonism Today and Mormonism in the 90’s

Join Lindsay, Kaimi and Alyssa and guests Margaret and Paul Toscano as they discuss shifting dynamics and tensions within Mormonism today and yesterday. Margaret and Paul use the story of their own excommunications from the LDS church (during the September Six and after) as a springboard to set out a provocative set of ideas about the past, present, and potential future of the LDS community.

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8 thoughts on “(updated with better audio) Bonus Podcast: Margaret and Paul Toscano on Online Mormonism Today and Mormonism in the 90’s

  1. I wonder if an additional thing that has happened is that by instilling fear of open discussion in faithful members a taboo has been created not just of ‘fringe’ doctrine but of even quite central or standard doctrine? It seems that perhaps a general ignorance of what church doctrine even is has become the norm because any discussion is fraught with worry.

  2. Wow. WOW! This was incredible. I have to say that everything the Toscano’s said was brilliant. Thanks for the great episode!!! I hope to hear them again.

  3. I’ve been having trouble downloading this episode, as well as 9 and 10. Is that isolated? I’ve tried downloading them on iTunes just through the subscription, individually in the iTunes store, and individually here. Any thoughts? I think I might still be able to listen to them here on the site, but as I’m rarely sitting at my computer when I’m listening to them, I’d love to sort it out. Thanks!

  4. This doesn’t directly deal with this episode,but with the podcast in general. There is a problem with downloading your episodes through Itunes; this problem does not exist with any of the other podcast to which I subscribe. With your podcasts, they will pause multiple times during the download and so I have to constantly hit the refresh button.


  5. Interesting podcast! One thing that didn’t make sense to me as I was listening though, the contention was made that Elder Packer was the driving force behind the September 6 excommunications because others deferred to his seniority, but both President Hinckley and President Monson had more superiority than he did.

  6. Thanks for the comments everyone! As far as downloading issues go, we are looking in to those. It might be a bandwidth issue. Please be patient and continue to support us! I’m still learning as I go, but I appreciate you letting me know. Thanks for listening!

  7. Is it just me or does this podcast stop after 20 minutes? It stops at the same place whether I download it straight from the website, the iTunes podcast, or just hit the play button above. And just when it gets good about the Mark David Chapman stuff. I can’t wait for you to have the Toscanos back so I can get the rest of the story.

  8. Wonderful article ! Please, Paul keep that temper ! I love it as much as Jesus turned tables in the temple ! You say such wise words and I feel so comforted and it underlines what I think myself. I left church in 1986 and got excommunicated in 1998. The Brethren saw I survived, so, I geuss they assumed you would as well ! LOL ! No kidding, I left church after 3 years of doubts about me as a woman in the church and my position there. Than it was told in a speech that women who were abused by their husband should stay with them, and my mum had such a husband and divorce was the best thing she ever did to protect herself and her children, how could a churchleader ask such an offer from a woman ? After 3 years of doubts I knew this was not my place. I was excommunicated when I lived together with my loved one from Guyana, whom would otherwise be sent back to his country, but now got permission to stay with me in Holland. It was a choice between staying in church or stay together with my husband to be, I stayed with my future husband ! So, I wasn’t excommunicated for feminist issues. I just learned these last weeks about ‘September 6’. I’m glad I left church before it became such a brainwashing, narrowminded place, it would have killed me. I hope nowadays leaders might feel the gentle correction by all this openness and freedom on the internet, Jesus is pushing them into the right direction, to make His church His again. Which should be a place like a busy buzzy bee hive and together we make and live the gospel as sweet honey ! The church should be a place of intelligence, responsabillity and freedom and each one should be and feel safe within given bounderies, which should never be too narrow for developping ones possibillities. I hope you understand what I mean, my english is limited. I want to thank you all for this great work you all do, I am listening the podcast starting from june 2012, still a lot to enjoy ! And thank you Paul and Margaret ! I wrote Margeret on Univ.Utah emailaddy, but don’t know if that still works, but I want to thank you both for the great work and gift you gave the church with your works as well as the great comfort for our thirsty hearts and minds, who search for every drop of truth to fulfill us and direct and enlighthen us ! May the churchleaders understand this too and find comfort as well ! Paul, I think you are fullfilling your job as Paul from the bible, maybe not as you expected it to be, but with your wise words about women, you correct the Paul who made faults in the bible about the female her place, thank you so much for doing so ! :o) Peace, Adrie de Jong, The Netherlands

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