FMBC “Jesus Feminist” by Sarah Bessey

How do you reconcile with your feminist sisters at church?  How do you reconcile your faith with your own feminism? What would Jesus do? And how do we receive and give His love to one another?

“Let’s do this. Let’s…lay down our crafted arguments. I want to talk about this – really talk about womanhood, church, the labels and where we go from here. Because the vicious arguments…and the silencing aren’t working.  We are wounded and we are wounding.

Here luv. I want to wrap us up in the warmth of good stories, of strong love. Someday…we’ll stand before the piles of stones that used to be weapons and we’ll build an altar…and then we’ll dance around those old arguments together, laughing.”

- Jesus Feminist

Join three LDS sisters in different faith transitions discuss with Sarah Bessey, her book “Jesus Feminist” and the one thing they all have in common; their love for the Savior, Jesus.


(“Come Thou Fount of Every Blessing” by Kings Kaleidoscope, Half the Church, Ordain Women)

FMBC Trailer: “Jesus Feminist” by Sarah Bessey

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Enjoy a short trailer of the podcast interview with Sarah Bessey regarding her first and best selling book, “Jesus Feminist: An Invitation to Revisit The Bible’s View Of Women.”

If the words in this trailer warm your soul and you find yourself laying down the verbal weapons of war regarding feminism and religion; if you find yourself embraced by words of kindness, understanding and genuine sister- love; if you find yourself understood and wanting to understand, this is the place for you. We have a warm spot here saved for you to sit with us. Come and continue the journey with Sarah, Cami, Melynda and Alexandra as they discuss Sarah Bessey’s  passionate love for the Savior Jesus Christ…and how all women are equal in His eyes…in the full & complete interview coming soon!

FMBC “When Women Were Birds” by Terry Tempest Williams

There are books that can be read, studied and discussed; and then there are books that need to be experienced. Join Cami, Katrina and Sara as they express their experience of Terry Tempest William’s masterpiece, “When Women Were Birds: Fifty-four Variations on Voice” and experience for yourself the effects of her words on women today.


(Sara Bareilles “Eden”, Spiral Jetty , L’Origine du monde by Gustave Courbet, Terry Tempest Williams)

Episode 91: LDS Feminism and LGBT = United for Equality!

mormons-building-bridges-large canstockphoto7779337Join Cami, Edward and Meg as they discuss how the LDS Feminist &  LGBT communities can unite forces to achieve equality across sexually-defined borders.

(song “Postcards” by Bridgit Mendler, Ordain Women, WAVE, Homeless LGBT Youth in Utah, The Abhau Blogspot, AZ Youth, No More Strangers, Mormons and Gays, Human Rights Campaign, Affirmations, Joanna Brooks,  Carol Lynn Pearson, PGLAG: Parents, Families & Friends of Lesbians and Gays)


Episode 30: Critiques of Mormon Feminism


Join Lindsay as she discusses perceptions of Mormon Feminism with the cast and crew of the Mormon Expositor Podcast

Episode 26: Faith, Fear and Moving Forward Feminism With Joanna Brooks

Join Lindsay as she chats with Joanna Brooks about what it’s like to experience fear as a Mormon Feminist and how you can transition from fear and move forward to let Mormon Feminism work for you.

Episode 21: Feminism Wants What You Want

Feminists aren’t that different than you! Join Lindsay, Danielle, Meredith and Amanda as they discuss four controversial topics, (Men, modesty, pornography and abortion) and why we have the same goals as our faithful LDS sisters who don’t identify with the title of “Feminist.” We talk about common misconceptions about Mormon Feminism and explain how we could possibly identify with “Pro-Choice” or “Anti-modesty” positions. Give us a listen and see if we have more in common than we realize.

Lindsay’s modesty post can be found here.
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Episode 12: BYU Feminists

Join fmhLisa as she interviews Hannah Wheelwright, a BYU sophomore majoring in political science who organized the Young Mormon Feminists blog and a feminist group at BYU.

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Episode 11: “I feel unequal” LDS WAVE

Join Tresa, Chelsea, Jenne and Jessica as they discuss their work with LDS WAVE (Women adovcating for voice and equality) and list the small and simple changes that could be made within the church to give women greater equity within the LDS church.

Links mentioned in this podcast:

LDS Wave main site
Opening clip, Chelsea’s list of “Why I Feel Unequal”
Talents of Sisters Etsy Shop

Jenne’s Women’s Service Mission on WAVE


Episode 8: Stages of Feminism

Tresa (Reese Dixon) explains to Lindsay the stages of a feminist transition and explains the process of moving from Mormon, to Mormon Feminist.

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