Epsiode 113: Listening to Wise Women

Join Lindsay as she interviews Lynne Kanavel Whitesides (a member of the “September Six“), Lorie Stromberg from Ordain Women and Mary Ellen Robertson of Sunstone, as they discuss experiencing the events of the early 1990’s and how they got through it.


Opening Bumper and clip of Margaret Toscano comes from the amazing documentary from  PBS Frontline’s “The Mormons.”  Watch the entire program online!

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N.O.W. 03 – Bryan

Bryan NOW

N.O.W. (Narrating Ordain Women) is a project of FMH in an effort to create understanding of the Ordain Women movement.

Join us while we listen to Bryan’s feelings on the ordination of women in the LDS church.  If you would like to post your own profile for O.W., please contact them here. Thank you.

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Episode 102: Meet Nikki Hunter


Join Lisa as she interview Nikki Hunter or Idaho Spud from Feminist Mormon Housewives about her Mormon story.

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Episode 99: Meet Jerilyn Pool

Join Lisa as she interviews FMH blogger, moderator and FMH web designer, Jerilyn Pool about her life and Mormon story.

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Episode 96: Meet Jessica Steed

Join Lisa as she interviews Jessica Steed from the Exponent ii and LDS WAVE about her Mormon story.

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Episode 88: Meet Meghan Raynes

Lisa interviews Meghan Raynes from the Exponent about her life and Mormon story.

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Episode 83: Meet Kate Kelly

Join Lisa as she interviews the founder of Ordain Women, Kate Kelly about her life growing up in the church.

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Episode 72: Meet Alliegator

Join Lisa as she interviews Alice (Alliegator at FMH) about her life and her belief.

Alliegator was born and raised in Utah by goodly parents who were magnets for interesting people, who greatly enriched her life. She has a bachelors in social work from Utah State University. She is married to an Idaho boy and together they have four boys, a dog, and ten chickens. Alliegator likes running, cycling, reading, blogging, talking about politics and eating food straight out of the garden. Someday she wants to be a family/marriage counselor, because life can be rough and we all need all the help we can get.

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Episode 69: Meet ZD Eve

Join Lisa as she interviews ZD Eve from the Mormon Feminist blog, ZelophehadsDaughters.

ZD Eve grew up in Utah Valley, the oldest of seven children who bickered incessantly but ultimately reconciled enough to form a Mormon feminist blog. Her passions in life are language, particularly lyric poetry, classical music, and the natural world. She now lives in the Midwest with her husband, daughter, and son, the last two of whom are vigorously preventing her from writing a dissertation on ritual and forms of grace in the English devotional poetry of the seventeenth century. She dates her Mormonism to her baptism at age eight and her Mormon feminism to her discovery of polygamy at age nine. She sometimes blogs at zelophehadsdaughters.com.

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Episode 64: Meet Chelsea Strayer

Chelsea Shields Strayer is a medical anthropologist, professor, mother, and Mormon feminist activist. Her dissertation explored the evolution and elicitation of placebo responses in indigenous ritual healing. She has spent a decade conducting fieldwork in Ghana, West Africa and getting a dual PhD in biological and cultural anthropology at Boston University. When she is not stuck in a room trying to finish writing her dissertation she is also heavily involved in Mormon feminism and is president of Mormons for ERA,, on the LDS WAVE board, is a perma blogger at Exponent (Whoa-man) and works regularly with Exponent Magazine, The Women’s Roundtable at Patheos.com, Mormon Matters, and Mormon Stories,

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