Episode 104: Questioning Kate Kelly and Ordain Women

Lindsay and Jerilyn are joined by Ordain Women founder, Kate Kelly to ask her questions submitted by listeners and critics of the movement.

Links mentioned in this podcast:

Mini-documentary on the October 2013 action


Episode 81: Questioning the Ordain Women Movement


Lindsay and Jerilyn grill Kate Kelly, founder of the Ordain Women Movement about the questions they have and the questions they’ve seen most commonly from others about the movement and repercussions of the movement.

Links mentioned in this podcast:
Lindsay’s 10 Arguments Against Women’s Ordination
Jerilyn’s “Radical Self-Respect” post inspired by Kate Kelly’s idea of “Radical Self-Respect.”

Episode 18: Women With Priesthood: A Talk With Female CoC (RLDS) Church Leaders

Join Lindsay as she speaks with Robin Linkhart, quorum president Western USA Mission Field for the Community of Christ (also known as the Reorganized Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints) and JoAnn Fisher, a minister in the Community of Christ as they discuss being a female and holding priesthood in their church. They also discuss the impact women’s ordination has had on their church, their families and on them personally.

The Community of Christ’s Website

Contact Robin at rlinkhart@CofChrist.org Contact JoAnne at joannfish@mindspring.com