Episode 120: Guilt and Shame With Julie De Azevedo-Hanks

Join Lindsay as she interviews Julie de Azevedo-Hanks about the concept of Mormon Guilt and Shame.


Links mentioned in this podcast:

Julie de Azevedo Hanks website

The Burnout Cure: An Emotional Survival Guide for Overwhelmed Women

Wasatch Family Therapy
Relational-Cultural Theory

Cultural Transformation Theory

Research of Brene Brown http://www.brenebrown.com

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Year of Polygamy: Houses of Polygamy, Episode 45

Join Lindsay as she discusses three famous homes integral to the history of Utah polygamy- the Beehive House, the Lion House, and the Gardo House.


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Year of Polygamy: The Scandal of Soldiers, Wives, and Sex, Episode 42


TW: This podcast contains some discussions of rape.

Join Lindsay as she discusses how women’s sexuality became the catalyst for a decade or more of Mormon violence, and the curious Victorian scandal involving Brigham Young’s daughter-in-law and a “Gentile” soldier.


The must-read essay by historian William MacKinnon:

Sex, Subalterns, and Steptoe: Army Behavior, Mormon Rage, and Utah War Anxieties

Additional info from the LDS Church History Library Here.


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Archive: Episode 21: Feminism Wants What You Want


Sorry everyone! It’s a been a month mostly focused on the polygamy series. Enjoy this episode from the archives that explains feminism to skeptics.

Abortion? Man-hating? Making men suffer? Are these the goals of feminism? Listen and see.



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Episode 111: Feminism and Your Marriage

Join Christa as she interviews Sara and Craig about how Mormon feminism has impacted their marriage.

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Episode 110: Men and Eating Disorders

Join Lindsay as she interviews Chris about his experience growing up with disordered eating and how it affects him in the culture of masculinity.

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Episode 109: It Could Have Been You- Lessons From Mountain Meadows Massacre

In partnership with the Mormon Expression Podcast and Whitefields Education Foundation, Lindsay guest-hosts a podcast for Mormon Expression about the culture of violence surrounding Mormon Meadows Massacre.  Featuring Richard Dutcher, Brian Whitney and Thayne Forbes. This podcast was originally recorded for Mormon Expression but is being shared here.  Check them out and make a donation to their counseling services initiatives at Whitefieldseducational.org.

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N.O.W. 01 – Cami



N.O.W. (Narrating Ordain Women) is a project of FMH in an effort to create understanding of the Ordain Women movement.

Join us while we listen to Vicki, who is not seeking for ordination, interview Cami, who is. Enjoy this short podcast between two sisters in the gospel as they talk about ordination for women within a loving context.

(“Keep Your Mind Wide Open” Anna Sophia Robb)


*If you have a profile up on OrdainWomen.org and would like to share your story, please contact Cami directly on this post.


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FMBC “The Gift of Fear” Part 2


In part two, Cami discusses how the gift of fear saved the lives of her , her mother and siblings on her eighth birthday.

If there are victims of violence of any kind, including veterans suffering from PTSD, please see the resources provided below for further assistance.

1. Victims of Crime Nationwide 

2. National Center of Domestic and Sexual Violence  

3. National Organization for Victim Assistance

4. RAINN (Rape, Abuse, Incest Nationwide Network)

5. National Center for PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder)

I apologize to my international friends and listeners for not having your country’s victim resources for you on this page. If anyone has a resource from their country that they would like to list here, please post it on this page and I will update it. Thank you  – Cami


(Madonna “Live To Tell” )


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FMBC “The Gift of Fear” Part 1


Take the time to understand your greatest weapon against victimization – the gift of fear.  Our panel discusses this gift using insights found in Gavin De Becker’s best selling book “The Gift of Fear”. In part one,  anthropologist Chelsea Strayer and SVU detective Nik Rasheta talk about how the gift of fear works to keep us alive.

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