Call to Action: Stop FLDS Thug From Being Glorified on Oprah

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Oprah Winfrey is planning to do a follow-up interview with Willie Jessop (deemed Willie the Thug by FLDS followers) where Willie expresses a radical change of heart and will be allowed the opportunity to promote himself and his business interests.


FLDS Investigator Sam Brower claims that Jessop, “has brought more suffering to Women and children, and also men, than anyone other than Warren himself.”

Jessop’s alleged activities are long and sordid and include allegedly arranging underage marriages, violence and intimidation, and allegations of human trafficking. He he has joined sides with Bruce Wisan to try to defame Elissa Wall in her lawsuit against the UEP Trust and is involved in re-victimizing men and women who have escaped the FLDS. He is also capitalizing on the place where Warren had plans to abuse women by turning Warren’s old home into a Bed and Breakfast vacation spot.

Why would Oprah give a known thug and misogynist, a man who is clearly profiting off of the crimes of Warren Jeffs, a platform to continue to abuse victims? Are ratings worth empowering a man who has allegedly damaged the lives of thousands?

Willie Jessop is no hero and he needs to change more than his heart, he needs to change his actions.

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‪#‎DontHostCriminals‬ ‪#‎WillietheThug‬ ‪#‎StopWillieJessop‬



For more information on #WillietheThug and his alleged crimes:…/Washington-County-sends-dossie……/willie-jessop-who-once-defended-war……/willie-jessop-who-once-defended-war……/57949516-191/jessop-rights-flds-hil……/Polygamous-sect-leader-Warren-……/oprah-where-are-…/377630/

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Year of Polygamy: The FLDS, Episode 84- Part Two


Join Lindsay as she discusses part two of the history and beliefs of the FLDS church.  ***MULTIPLE TW: Racism, sexism, abuse, child abuse, spiritual abuse****

Links mentioned in this podcast:

Listen to part one here.


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Year of Polygamy: Daughter of a Prophet: Kristyn Decker on Leaving the AUB, Episode 83

Links mentioned in this podcast:

Kristyn’s book: 50 Years in Polygamy: Big Secrets and Little White Lies

Sound Choices Coalition Website

Kristyn’s interview with CNN (also her wedding picture)

Kristyn Decker’s interview with City Weekly

Salt Lake Tribune Article about Kristyn’s work

Sound Choices Facebook Page

Find Kristyn on Facebook



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Year of Polygamy: The Lafferty Brothers to the TLC, Episode 82

James Harmston (TLC)
Ron and Dan Lafferty on trial for Blood Atonement murder of their sister-in-law, Brenda Lafferty and her baby Erica.


Winstone Blackmore of the Bountiful Group and some of his family.



Join Lindsay as she covers an entire list of fundamentalist sects including The True and Living Church (TLC), The Bountiful Group, The School of the Prophets (Lafferty Brothers), Christopher Nemelka, and many, many more.

Links mentioned in this podcast:


Sealed Fate: The Story of Ida Smith

Christopher Nemelka Timeline

VICE:  I grew up believing in a False Prophet

Nemelka’s confession of writing not translating the sealed portion

FAIR’s response


Missouri Group in Humansville

The Bountiful Group:

The Mormon Polygamy Story

Winston Blackmore legal trouble

National Geographic Stories on the Blackmore group

Articles on Blackmore

Church at the Rock:

Photos of the Church at the Rock

The Rockland Ranch

Denver Post: Life on the Rock

TLC Church:

Brian Hales’ site

Lafferty Brother Murders:

Under the Banner of Heaven

City Weekly Blood Brothers

Infants on Thrones Podcast on Under the Banner of Heaven

The Strack Family Suicides

Other Info:

List of Fundamentalist Mormon Sects

Site for Independent Mormon Fundamentalists


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Year of Polygamy: The Kingston Group (Davis County Co-Op), Episode 79

Heidi Mattingly Foster with husband John Daniel Kingston


Join Lindsay as she discusses the history of the Kingston Group or the Davis County Co-operative Society (DCCS), also known as The Order.

**Trigger Warning. This episode contains upsetting stories of alleged abuse**

Links mentioned in this podcast:

The Midwife Book by Signature Books

Rolling Stone: Inside the Order

Gay and Kingston Interview

Brian Hales’ work on Paul Elden Kingston

Kingston Family Holdings

Kingston Legal Troubles

Kingston Miners Troubles

TW Reports of abuse in the Kingston group

TW Reports of abuse in the Kingston group continued

TW Reports of Incest from New York Times

TW Reports of abuse 2006

TW Heidi Mattingly Foster gives up custody of two children

Tumblr with Kingston Information

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Year of Polygamy: The LeBarons, Episode 76

Join Lindsay as she tells the dark tale of Mormon Fundamentalism at its most deadly. This is the story of the LeBaron Family and the Mormon prophet that murdered his own brother and daughter.

Prophet of Blood, the Untold Story of Ervil LeBaron and the Lambs of God

The full movie on Hulu, Prophet of Evil

Crime Library’s Take on the Murders

Interview with Irene Spencer

Story of Jaqueline LeBaron captured

Deseret News: Some LeBaron Kin Inherited Mental Illness

Cult Insanity: A Memoir

Rena Chynoweth talking about killing Allred

Benji LeBaron’s Funeral at Colonia LeBaron

Picture of Excommunicated French Missionaries

The Trial of the French Mission, Part One

The Trial of the French Mission, Part Two

Youtube Video of Benji LeBaron’s Funeral

Washington Post Article on LeBaron Drug Cartel Abductions

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Year of Polygamy: Mormon Women in Prison, Episode 71

Andrew Mercer Reformatory for Women, Toronto, prisoners, 1880
(1880-1958), English suffragettes in prison dress
Women’s Social and Political Union in prison uniform and newspaper
19th-century female workers in Lowell, Massachusetts were arguably the first to use the term “wage slave”.

Join Lindsay as she interviews scholars Lorie Winder Stromberg and Sarah Barringer Gordon about Mormon women who were imprisoned for practicing polygamy in the 19th Century.



Links mentioned in this podcast:

Lorie’s essay can be found in the Second Edition of the Persistence of Polygamy

Old newspaper headline about Mormon Women imprisoned for polygamy


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Year of Polygamy: Joseph’s Polygamy Revelations, Episode 65

Join Lindsay as she interviews Clair Barrus from Today in Mormon History  about the revelations Joseph Smith had about polygamy, including the revelation that lead to D&C 132.

Links mentioned in this podcast:
Religion and Sexuality: The Shakers, the Mormons, and the Oneida Community by Lawrence Foster

Clair’s blog Today in Mormon History

The Polygamy Revelations of Joseph Smith article with footnotes

Shindle affidavit on seduction.

Pratt/Schindle story in the Sangamo Journal

Brian Hales’ position on these issues

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Year of Polygamy

Join Lindsay for the primer series on Mormon Polygamy that will begin with the wives of Joseph Smith and eventually broaden to contemporary strains of the practice today.

Episode 01: Fanny Alger

Episode 02: Lucinda Morgan Harris

Episode 03: Louisa Beaman

Episode 04: Zina Huntington Jacobs Young Smith

Episode 05: Presendia Huntington Buell

Episode 06: Agnes Coolbrith

Episode 07: Sylvia Sessions

Episode 08: Patty Sessions

Episode 09: Mary Elizabeth Rollins Lightner

Episode 10: Polygamy in Nauvoo

Episode 11: Marinda Nancy Johnson Hyde

Episode 12: Elizabeth Davis Durfee

Episode 13: Sarah Kingsley Cleveland

Episode 14: Delcena Johnson Sherman

Episode 15: Eliza R. Snow

Episode 16: Sarah Ann Whitney

Episode 17: Martha McBride Knight

Episode 18: Ruth Vose Sayers

Episode 19: Flora Ann Woodworth

Episode 20: Emily Partridge

Episode 21: Joseph Smith’s Progeny

Episode 22: Eliza Partridge

Episode 23: Almera Johnson

Episode 24: Lucy Walker

Episode 25: The Lawrence Sisters

Episode 26: Helen Mar Kimball

Episode 27: Hannah Ells

Episode 28: Elvira Cowles Holmes

Episode 29: Rhoda Richards

Episode 30: Olive Grey Frost

Episode 31: Desdemona Wadsworth Fullmer

Episode 32: Melissa Lott

Episode 33: Nancy Winchester

Episode 34: Fanny Young

Episode 35: Polygamy and Lamanite Marriages

Episode 36: Plural Marriage and the Martydom

Episode 37: Polygamy and Winter Quarters

Episode 38: Polygamy and Winter Quarters

Episode 39: Early Utah Period Polygamy

Episode 40: Heber C. Kimball

Episode 41: Polygamy and the Family, Public and Private

Episode 42: Scandal, Soldiers, Sex and Wives

Episode 43: Violent 1850’s Utah

Episode 44: The Utah War

Episode 45: Houses of Polygamy

Episode 46: A Brief History of the Relief Society

Episode 47: History of Southern Utah, Part 1

Episode 48: History of Southern Utah, Part 2 (Orderville and other towns)

Episode 49: Emma Lee French

Episode 50: Marriage to Brigham Young

Episode 51: Amelia Folsom, “Brigham’s Favorite Wife”

Episode 52: Obscure Polygamous Women, Polygamous Wives Writing Club

Episode 53: Federal Legislation

Episode 54: Lucinda Dalton, Mormon Feminist Pioneer

Episode 55: Emmeline Free

Episode 56: Polygamy in Mexican Colonies

Episode 57: Polygamy and Suffrage

Episode 58: Anne Gordge, Polygamous Calamity Jane


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Episode 120: Guilt and Shame With Julie De Azevedo-Hanks

Join Lindsay as she interviews Julie de Azevedo-Hanks about the concept of Mormon Guilt and Shame.


Links mentioned in this podcast:

Julie de Azevedo Hanks website

The Burnout Cure: An Emotional Survival Guide for Overwhelmed Women

Wasatch Family Therapy
Relational-Cultural Theory

Cultural Transformation Theory

Research of Brene Brown

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