Episode 10: Feminist Kryptonite- Celeb Gossip

Lindsay and Malia discuss the first of a series of “Feminist Kryptonite” or things that feminists might like, but probably shouldn’t. In this episode they discuss celebrity gossip and culture and its harmful impact on society as well as their experience working within the industry.

Disclaimer: There are some children noises in the background on this one- sorry! Lindsay is a FMHousewife and that includes children sometimes!
Links mentioned in this podcast:

Celeb gossip site “Ohnotheydidnt”
Opening clip, Ricky Gervais on “Extras” ranting about celeb culture.


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  1. This was great! Except thanks for ruining my love for celeb gossip! Halfway kidding — I’m going to feel like a guilty reader from now on ; ) But really, I find celeb gossip to be so entertaining and fascinating. Not so much the body snarking or slut shaming (makes me feel sad and dead inside) but rather the scandal and conspiracy theories surrounding the most high profile celebs. I’ve never stopped to think about the draw for me, but after hearing the podcast I believe it *is* escapism. That world is so far removed from my own that it almost isn’t grounded in reality for me and plays out like some twisted fairytale instead (eg the TomKat divorce). As for my own personal feminist Kryptonite, I love being a spectator of fashion and haute couture.

  2. Great podcast. I’m so old that I consider Tom Hanks a youngster who’s still striving to get the worlds attention.

    I loved Kathy Griffen’s show “My Life on the D-List”, not particularly for her lifestyle or her views of life but for the camera that she points to Hollywood. She has a mom and dad who don’t like the way she talks, or her husband who helped her do her hair to save money. That’s the kind of thing that us normal people do! But then again that really is her thing, I’m not a A-List celebrity, so its just her thing.

    Also I loved when she did charity events only to get free publicity. Or when she tried to get a picture of her falling down drunk completely staged. Or went on a date with a porn star… (I’m surprised she didn’t show herself getting shots.) Or what a tour is like to get tickets sold or going to a nothing town in Montana to do a show.

    Other than that and maybe buying my wife a People magazine at the end of the year, that’s about it for me celebrity gossip-wise. But the target is women.

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