FMBC “Embracing Coincidence: Transforming Your Life Through Synchronicity”


Imagine the Universe is speaking to you through a series of coincidences; telling you not to worry, telling you it’s going to be o.k., telling you that you are loved. How can we hear these messages when they’re given? When they are needed the most? How can they help us in our journey?

Join Cami and BYU Professor, Zina Petersen in their interview with renown author, actress, poet and activist Carol Lynn Pearson about her book “Embracing Coincidence: Transforming Your Life Through Synchronicity”.  Learn how you can not only see coincidences in your life but how you can start allowing them to transform it!

(Doves and Serpents, Deepak Chopra, Synchro-destiny)

5 thoughts on “FMBC “Embracing Coincidence: Transforming Your Life Through Synchronicity”

  1. This podcast has completely validated everything I have been experiencing the last couple of years. It has been a great blessing and comfort when I pay attention to all the little coincidences that are speaking to me. I love the bit about the tapestry and how the back side shows the strings starting or stopping and being tied off and the other side shows the beautiful image.

    1. I know Chris, the tapestry image was beautiful wasn’t it? As a member of the discussion, it was kinda magical to watch how the dialogue wove together without any real structure. The Universe is so loving…and those little reminders are much needed in life.

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