Episode 12: BYU Feminists

Join fmhLisa as she interviews Hannah Wheelwright, a BYU sophomore majoring in political science who organized the Young Mormon Feminists blog and a feminist group at BYU.

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Bumper music is Sid’s Second music video “Provo GIrl,” an ode to Charles Hamilton’s “Brooklyn Girl”.

6 thoughts on “Episode 12: BYU Feminists

  1. Great stuff! My favorite point was one Lisa made toward the end. When she first had questions, her immediate thought was that maybe she didn’t belong in Mormonism anymore. I totally get this. What a sad, pathological condition we’re in if our thought when we have honest questions is that we need to leave! There’s no way that we can all be that certain! Maybe some people are, but I suspect the majority aren’t. We’re just playing along.

  2. We need more girls like Hannah in the church.
    Also, getting spiritual advice from 20-something college boys… Well, I was one and I was so dumb. I wish I could go back and be far more open minded.

  3. So nice to hear all from this bright young woman.

    Just wondering about the reality of young women leaving the church. Is it really as high as 80%? That tells us a huge course-correction is needed ASAP!

    1. mere- I just saw your comment! There is not an official club- VOICE was shut down. However, there are still options. The Women’s Studies department does have an Honor Society that she can join, even if she’s not a women’s studies minor. Though it’s not an official feminist club, she will find many like-minded souls there : ) She is also welcome to join the Young Mormon Feminists facebook group (you can find the link on the blog) and there she can get information about the Feminist Home Evening events that I plan every week here in Provo- always Monday nights at 8:30 PM. The BYU Democrats meet every Tuesday night at 7:00 PM in 270 SWKT. Feel free to email me with any other questions you might have!

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