Episode 16: Male and Feminist, A Discussion With Brad Kramer

Join Lisa as she interviews Brad Kramer from By Common Consent (BCC) as he discusses his ‘feminist awakening’ and how his views about women and the church have evolved and shifted over time. He also discusses concerns close to his heart, like modesty and his unique views on female ordination within the church. Brad Kramer lives in Ann Arbor, Michigan, with his wife and five children. He is a PhD candidate in anthropology and is writing a dissertation on secrecy, gender, and kinship in Mormonism. He is a regular contributor to BCC.

Links mentioned in this podcast:
Brad’s post on Heavenly Mother.


7 thoughts on “Episode 16: Male and Feminist, A Discussion With Brad Kramer

  1. Download Problem for Episode 16: Brad Kramer. The mp3 file cuts off at approximate 1 hr 25 minutes, but it appears the recording should be close to 2 hrs long. Try converting file to constant bit mode and smaller bit rate, like the previous FMH podcasts. thank you.

  2. Great guest in this episode!!!

    I am a faithful listener, who loves the podcast, and I have a general concern – not specifically directed towards this very episode…
    It makes my stomach turn whenever I hear interviewees twisting their brain, making up excuses, to cope with the legalistic mind games the church is playing with them. Do not other people hear how sick these excuses sometimes become?
    If we can not cope with the church – the “divine” way it is organized – we must stand up, together(!), and confront our leaders about it – rather than, individually, clenching our fists in our pockets.


  3. I’m curious – Brad is there a reason why mother’s blessings would be only for girls? Wouldn’t it be valuable to have both parents bless ALL the children?

  4. I should say this was an excellent pod cast and I enjoyed it (I didn’t mean to leap right into questions without pointing out all the good stuff!)

  5. Fantastic episode, Brad, I hope this is something you can eventually put down on paper. I’m sure it is still developing, but as a budding Feminist and father of 4 girls (oldest is just turned 12) – I’m struggling in a split marriage (my wife has not had her awakening yet) to help my daughters through our cultural woes. I’m a stake clerk right now, and take every opportunity to point out in meetings the imbalance of things. I’m one who believes I can do some good being in a position or two. I’ve helped, in a small way, to shine some light on issues that Men in Power never consider. In my small way, I hope to change hearts and minds as I teach, train and interact with my ward family. You should’ve seen the look on the face of the Bishop when we told him that our daughter will always have one of us or a Young Women’s leader with her in interviews.

    I don’t know if it was just me… but that Audio Quality was VERY bad, bad, bad, bad. The quality of the content deserves someone going over that audio again and ‘fixing’ it. Please consider it, the content is extremely valuable.

    Thanks again for the though-provoking dialogue.

  6. I really enjoyed this episode. Brad, it’s great to hear how much thought you and your wife have put into making your kids’ church experience as non-sexist as possible.

  7. I have been out of the church for 2 years (but 8 years in my heart). If there were more people like Brad in the church, I might have been able to stay. It does my heart good to hear that there are men out there that actually care about the patriarchy and the problems that it causes for girls/women, and are willing to stand up in their own way. Thank you for an interesting and thought provoking discussion.

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