Episode 20: Meet Nat Kelly

Join fmhLisa as she interviews Nat Kelly from the Feminist Mormon Housewives blog about her life, her feminism and her passionate beliefs for worker’s rights. *Please forgive the audio quality on this podcast. It is well worth the listen!

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6 thoughts on “Episode 20: Meet Nat Kelly

  1. Wow, Natalie, I’m so glad I listened. But your experience is heartbreaking. Your family experience growing up sounds just overwhelming in so many ways. And your temple experience is particularly heartbreaking. I’m so impressed that you’re finding a place for yourself in relating to Mormonism. Thanks for recording this!

  2. Wonderful podcast! Thank you so much for sharing your story. It was so comforting to hear your description of the temple issues. I can’t express how strongly I agree with you! The temple was a huge source of problems with me as well. I went only twice and knew that I never wanted to return. The day I admitted to myself that I didn’t have a testimony of the temple was both heartbreaking and exhilarating. So many of my Church issues (polygamy, sexism, etc) disappeared that day and I’ve never looked back nor felt lighter. Thanks again Nat Kelly and Lisa!

  3. Ziff, I’m glad I’m trying to find my place too! My temple experience really was heartbreaking, even more so because it is so common! The church has really really got to stop ignoring the pain it is inflicting on women in there.

    WonkyAngel, I had that experience too! It was wonderful when I was able to decide that the temple was not from God. It was also tinged with sadness, because I knew that was going to have ramifications in other areas of my faith.

    Thanks for listening!

  4. Thank you for this episode. I really identified with Nat’s experiences with the temple and her faith transition. I had my husband listen to it so that he could better understand where I’m at.

  5. I am ecstatic to hear that my story may help build understanding for others going through similar things. Thanks for the kind words.

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