Episode 31: Meet Exponent II Editor, Aimee Hickman

Photo by D’Arcy Benincosa Photography & Film

Join Lisa as she interviews the editor of The Exponent Magazine II, Aimee Hickman about her conversion to the gospel, her marriage and always staying true to her feminist values.

8 thoughts on “Episode 31: Meet Exponent II Editor, Aimee Hickman

  1. Great interview, I enjoyed listening to it and hearing Aimee’s unique perspective. Please keep these coming, they are lifesavers for me.

  2. Aimee Hickman, you complete me. Well, my faith and my awareness of church feminism. Loved hearing your conversion story. Thank you, my friend.

    1. This is a deeply thoughtful discussion, Lovely Aimee. I learned things about you I did not know, and I feel richer because of it. It is hard to pick out what touched me the most, but I am sitting here thinking about how refreshing your thoughts are about making it easier for those who choose to leave Mormonism. What a good set of thoughts you offer on that. There are so many other things I will take to heart tonight. I am glad you came so purposefully to EXII. And I am glad that I was there when you arrived! It has been a sweet journey.

  3. thanks so much Aimee for sharing your story so completely. I feel like i’ve gotten to know you in bits and pieces of the past several years and this filled in such a beautiful portrait of you in one short hour. much love, Neylan

  4. I am inestimably proud of you, both because of your bold and bright adventuring through life and because of your kindness and honesty in the telling. I hope I can be like you when I grow up!

  5. I find hope in the church as I listen and see such strong, wonderful and courageous women continuing to forge new ways to dialogue on issues that effect all members, men and women alike. I’m also encouraged that the general church now allows/permits/accepts, that thinking spiritual women can have a voice without fearing excommunication or muzzling. To those beautiful brave feminists that took the early risks, broke barriers and paid such high prices, I am for ever grateful. To the new feminist leaders that are still taking risks while giving voice and love to others on their personal enlightenment journey, I say Bravo. Hope springs eternal. Russ Evans/Fountain Green, Utah.

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