Episode 32: Cosmo’s Top 10 “Chick Flicks” (That Aren’t That Bad)

Join Lindsay and Malia as they discuss Cosmo’s top 10 “chick flicks”, (their term) or films that are supposed to appeal to women.

Music and theme songs featured (in order of appearance):
(500) Days of Summer Score , Mean Girls Score, Moon River (Piano version) Breakfast at Tiffany’s OST , Aaron Zigman – The Notebook Ending Score , The Devil Wears Prada Original Score – 23. Christian & Andrea , Dirty Dancing Score, THE TIME OF MY LIFE INSTRUMENTAL , The Goonies -Theme (Full) ,
, Grease – Hopelessly Devoted to you Karaoke, ‘Sex and the City’ Opening Credits , Labels or Love – Sex and the City Theme Song , It Had To Be You [HD] – Harry Connick, Jr.  When Harry Met Sally , Where or When- Ella Fitzgerald, Mother Lode 1982 theatrical trailer

4 thoughts on “Episode 32: Cosmo’s Top 10 “Chick Flicks” (That Aren’t That Bad)

  1. OK, I have to defend Breakfast at Tiffany’s a bit against the hint that she only has rich, white girl problems. First off, she’s not just a New York party girl. She is a prostitute for rich men, and more than anything she hopes to escape prostitution through an unrealistic dream to marry one of these rich men. But the man you see as the object of her desire to lift her out of this life of course rejects her because she is, in fact, a prostitute and unsuitable to be a part of his high society family. Then we find out that she was a poor child bride of fourteen married off from a family who didn’t love her. Her nearly-forced marriage was to a much older man and she was required to raise his brood of young children from previous marriages. This man was kind to her, but being a stepmother at fourteen and being married to an old man was too much, so leaving to be a call girl while she still had her good looks gave her more hope that she could turn her life around, which is where we find her at the beginning of the move–living the call girl life.

    The man, her friend above her apartment, is a gigolo to a rich married woman who is paying for his apartment and lifestyle. So he understands her since they live similar lifestyles. Her desire to marry a rich man so she can quit her profession is an obsession, and she basically has no other identity, symbolized in that she won’t even name her cat. Eventually when she has her dream shattered and there is tragic drama because she is rejected by the rich south American man, the two friends come together romantically as they find each other, and hopefully can scrape together a different kind of life together, a more typical life with a person who understands the dis functions they have both endured for so long.

    Not really rich white girl problems. More like poor girl, child bride, runaway, beautiful prostitute/call girl problems–and finally looking at reality and the hope that the two lost souls can build something together.

  2. Very good podcast. Those movies are good, especially Dirty Dancing! Malia, you have got to see it all the way through.

    Also, hearing The Willies, Mother Lode, North and South brought back a lot of memories. All are classics! And I loved the impressions. Wow! Good times.

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