Episode 33: Our List of Horrible RomComs

Rune’s blog post, “I Don’t Like Other Women.”

Opening bumper, Roy Orbison – Oh Pretty Woman (Top of the Pops – 1964)
Ending bumper, “Drive Me Crazy” trailer

Videos mentioned in the podcast:

One thought on “Episode 33: Our List of Horrible RomComs

  1. FYI: The myth you were referring to is Pygmalion. It’s about a man who creates a statue of the perfect woman and falls in love with it, then she comes to life. The movie Mannequin is a retelling of this myth. The George Bernard Shaw play Pygmalion, which you referred to a lot in this podcast and which is the basis for My Fair Lady, is named after this myth. It was actually sort of hilarious that you kept calling all of these Pygmalion stories but then rejected that as the name of the myth. :)

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