Episode 39: Mormons and Critical Race Theory

Six decades after _Brown_, five decades after the Civil Rights Act, has America evolved into a post-racial utopia where racism mostly doesn’t exist? But if that’s the case, then what could explain the persistence of troubling demographic gaps in wealth, education, crime, and dozens of other indicators?

In this podcast, Kaimi joins Janan, Trine and Danielle to discuss some of the explanations set out in a branch of progressive scholarship called Critical Race Theory (and Critical Race Feminism).

Our panel points out some of the gaps in the traditional liberal narratives about race (as well as some troubling racial dynamics in early feminism), and then focuses on responses by Critical Race Feminists, especially Kimberle Crenshaw and intersectionality theory. We also talk about ways in which women of color are depicted in the media (with a special shout-out to classic Mormon Polynesploitation cinema), and whether Mormon female identity is coded white; and we set the stage for extended discussion of family roles in Part II.


Video mentioned and briefly featured: Johnny Lingo via the Mormon Channel


2 thoughts on “Episode 39: Mormons and Critical Race Theory

  1. I LOVED this podcast, thank you so much for posting this. I particulary loved the discussion of the Ensign Conference pullout of the General Authorities. As a Samoan-Hawaiian/White & Native American woman I continually struggle with wanting the spiritual feeding of my youth from my mormon upbringing vs. the spiritual starvation I feel from some aspects of mormon culture/doctrine regarding race, gender & sexual identity. And that pull-out really sums up the disconnect I feel from the church

  2. Hi
    1. Can you please tell me who the professor is that you referred to who made the controversial comments about the priesthood?
    2. I also want to say that racism works both ways. I’ve lived in post-Apartheid South Africa and I have experienced plenty of racism from blacks. The pendulum has swung the other way…
    3. I’m continually amazed that blacks join the LDS church. Our past discrimination of blacks is embarrassing. Yet, I know many white LDS members, typically from the US, that think the church was led by prophets in this discrimination and that it was EXACTLY how God wanted it. Rubbish! I am so tired of anti-intellectualism in the LDS church.

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