Episode 69: Meet ZD Eve

Join Lisa as she interviews ZD Eve from the Mormon Feminist blog, ZelophehadsDaughters.

ZD Eve grew up in Utah Valley, the oldest of seven children who bickered incessantly but ultimately reconciled enough to form a Mormon feminist blog. Her passions in life are language, particularly lyric poetry, classical music, and the natural world. She now lives in the Midwest with her husband, daughter, and son, the last two of whom are vigorously preventing her from writing a dissertation on ritual and forms of grace in the English devotional poetry of the seventeenth century. She dates her Mormonism to her baptism at age eight and her Mormon feminism to her discovery of polygamy at age nine. She sometimes blogs at zelophehadsdaughters.com.

7 thoughts on “Episode 69: Meet ZD Eve

  1. I’ve loved your blogging and I love you even more after hearing you talk. Thank you for the wonderful interview.

  2. This was so enjoyable to listen to. I would bid high for the chance to be a Taylor. Y’all are just so funny, interesting, and cool! I’d love to hear similar podcasts for the other 6 siblings, too.

  3. These interviews are some of my favorite fMh podcasts. I loved this one too! I too moved to Utah from the Bay Area at age 9/4th grade and it was fun to hear a similar story. I’ve loved reading ZD and hope to hear more from the bloggers there.

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