Episode 71: The Darker Side of Pioneer Day

Join Lindsay, Malia and Kaimi as they have a casual discussion about Pioneer day and some of stories we don’t talk about on Pioneer day.

Bumper music: From the album “The Quest” made by the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints in about 1981 to accompany the Church History course of Study in Seminary.

One thought on “Episode 71: The Darker Side of Pioneer Day

  1. The whole time I was listening to this podcast, I kept thinking of an incident that happened when I was about 13. Girls Camp that year happened to fall over the 24th of July and all the girls were asked to bring a story about their pioneer heritage. As the daughter of two converts, I had no story to share (at least the crossing the plains variety, that is!). So my mom, being the amazing person that she is, helped me make up the most amazing pioneer story EVER on the two hour car ride up to the campsite. It had dramatic conversions, sympathetic Native Americans, love triangles, even a lost doll that played key part. Totally, totally epic. When I told it at the campfire, people were moved to tears. And then they got really, really mad when they found out we made it up. I’m realizing that what my mom and I did (make up a faith promoting pioneer story and claim it as our own heritage) is not that different from what everybody else is doing!

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