Episode 79: Working For the Church as a Woman and Mother

Join Risa as she describes her experience working as a Social Worker for LDS Family Services and the LDS Church.

Bumper: Attitudes toward working women in the 1950s

3 thoughts on “Episode 79: Working For the Church as a Woman and Mother

  1. I really enjoyed this, Risa and Lindsay. It’s great to hear more about your experience working for the Church, Risa. I’m glad to hear so many of your co-workers were such good people. After hearing about the few busybodies who were determined to get you in trouble, I had a kind of a negative impression. :)

  2. I’d be rather interested in hearing more about why adoption is considered such a taboo (Risa briefly mentioned this in passing). My husband and I, who live just outside of Salt Lake, have just begun the adoption process, and don’t come from a religious tradition where adoption is seen negatively (we’re Catholic).

    1. Hi Michelle,

      I’m sorry I didn’t see your comment until now. I just recorded a podcast with 2 LDS birth mothers that explains why adoption can be more controversial. I believe I said it can be controversial, because I certainly don’t think adoption is taboo. Here is the link. http://feministmormonhousewivespodcast.org/

      To answer more about why I think adoption can be controversial, it’s important to know the history of adoption practices and about people like Georgia Tann and her unethical and illegal adoption practices that still inform much of modern adoption policy. There is controversy about mothers who are still coerced into relinquishing their children. There is controversy surrounding the rights of biological fathers. And there is much controversy over whether adult adoptees should be allowed access to their original birth certificates. Many, many issues in adoption that I cannot fully delve into in a single blog comment.

      Thank you for listening!

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