Episode 9: Stay at Home Dads

Join Derek, Jeff, Cory and Lindsay as they describe their experiences of being Stay at Home parents and discuss the challenges and benefits of being a Stay at Home Dad.
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8 thoughts on “Episode 9: Stay at Home Dads

  1. I’d just like to say that I don’t “service” Cory when he comes home and he doesn’t “service” me. Well at least not _RIGHT_ when I get home 😉

  2. I really enjoyed the tone of this episode and the info presented- yes Lindsay, th include all the studies. I have never stayed home, and never considered it but find it a little sad that I never considered it. Thanks to everyone for sharing their experiences.

  3. Great podcast! It’s so good to hear this conversation. I’ve been a stay at home dad the last three years, and it feels like a more natural fit for me than being in the workplace was. I also work from home, so that provides a healthy balance, though it often means late after-bedtime hours of work. The biggest challenge I’ve faced is in finding ways to be social. The Mormon mommy playgroups are nervous to have me around (actually the husbands are more nervous about it than the women). I think people in the church have a hard time with intermingling the genders in a non-sexual way. So I’ve been involved instead in another local playgroup that is very accepting. I’ve always gotten along better with women than with men, so I don’t mind a bit, although a stay-at-home-dads playgroup would probably be a good thing for a lot of people. Overall, people in my conservative community (I live in the South) have been very supportive and encouraging of me as a stay at home dad. And it’s been extremely rewarding to me! Thanks again for the conversation.

  4. Wow, I think this episode was my favorite. I completely enjoyed the tone and what the panelists had to say. I’d like to hear more from them in the future, as a sort of follow up if possible.
    Thanks for this great podcast in general, I’m becoming hooked.

  5. I am loving this podcast more and more. Jeff, i am very interested in your story since you are just starting out. Derek- I’ve already looked up yor blog posts and I loved reading about your son. Cory, I feel the same way about my wife. She works and I take care of our girls. It’s nice to hear this talked about. Lindsay, you do a great job. I appreciate it.

  6. I am completely in love with this podcast. Love every single one of the panelists so much. Maybe it’s because my own dead deserted, but I just felt incredibly moved and touched hearing all these daddies talking about their kids like this. Just amazing.

    I have some follow-up questions/requests!

    I was dying for you to talk about housework. How do you all divide it? Who does what around the house?

    Also, can we have a follow-up from all these guys’ wives, talking about the arrangement from their perspective?

    And then another podcast with 3 stay at home moms talking about what it’s like, with a follow-up from their husbands sharing their perspective?

    I seriously could have listened to you guys talk all day. So great.

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