Join Lindsay as she interviews the creators of the “Let Women Pray” campaign to allow women to say the opening and closing prayers in the LDS General Conference services. Amber, Analisa and Curtis explain why they created this event.

Links mentioned in this podcast:

Let Women Pray FB group

Let Women Pray FB event

Let Women Pray Blog petition!

“Women Praying in General Conference” by the Exponent

Rational Faith’s take on the issue.’s “Why I’d Like to Hear a Woman Pray in Conference”

End bumper a clip from: Christina Aguilera’s “Makes Me Want to Pray”

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  1. Stand up with and for your sisters, mothers and daughters. When a prayer is said at general conference, and it is not a woman who is praying, what if members in the congregation were to quietly stand with their arms folded and heads bowed. And were to do this at each prayer until a woman offered a prayer at general conference. Would that be effective? Gross disobedience?? Get any support?? Since all eyes are closed for prayer, maybe no one would notice..

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