Hey there, it’s midweek but things are happening, and Mormon feminists are in the news. Or more precisely, their pants are in the news. And so we’re happy to bring you this special bonus pantscast featuring the fabulous pantstigators Stephanie Lauritzen and Kimberly Brinkerhoff Baptista in conversation with Lindsay and Kaimi. Here you can learn: What is “Wear Pants to Church Day?” What is “All Enlisted”? Plus, how you can participate, and the secrets of how women-in-pants will bring about the end of civilization as we know it. So pull on your pants and your headphones and join the conversation.

Links we talk about

Stephanie’s original post on activism
All Enlisted
Wear Pants to Church Day

Some fabulous blog responses and other blog links of note

FMH Lisa discusses mean responses
FMH guest Sandra talks individuality and authenticity
Zelophehad’s Daughters discuss how reactions show the importance of the event
Kaimi at FMH a few years ago, discussing pants and individuality
Exponent blog talks about the narrative created by this event
Awesome post by Jana Riess last year about pants-wearing
Kimberly interview with the Cultural Hall
C Jane talks about how pants really are the worst thing


A zillion news articles about the Pantsimony (yes, it’s a big deal) (thanks Kimberly for the linky goodness)

Associated Press (running in multiple newspapers)
Salt Lake Tribune
Daily Herald
ABC 4 TV (follow-up)
Religion Dispatches (Joanna Brooks)
Daily Mail
San Francisco

5 thoughts on “FMH PODCAST BONUS EPISODE: Pantpocalypse!

  1. I just had to hit pause so I could comment on something I just heard. Stephanie (I think) was referring to people focusing on outward manifestations of holiness like wearing a white shirt and tie in order to feel justified in ignoring a lack of inward manifestations of holiness.

    I have personal experience with this that drives me bat-crap-crazy.

    A cousin of mine lives up to every bad stereotype of a young LDS female. Ballroom dancing champion. Boy crazy & not interested in education or a career. Doesn’t drink or smoke or swear. Goes to church every week. Is the president of her Laurels class. And her parents treat her like a princess and always leave comments on her FB wall about how awesome she is and how grateful they are to have such a faithful wonderful LDS daughter. This same girl is the most arrogant, elitist, and CRUEL person I have met in a long time. She is the epitome of a mean girl. I’ve seen her say things on Facebook about other people that are so incredibly mean and hurtful. I had to remove her from my newsfeed because I couldn’t stand the nasty things she was constantly saying. But, because she puts on the facade of being a good Mormon girl, she’s revered as such. If I had a daughter, I’d rather that she wore immodest clothing, swore, and was guilty of sipping a wine cooler at a party she lied to attend… if it meant she was was kind and empathetic toward other people.

    It’s how we treat one another that determines our character… NOT the activities we abstain from or the Sunday activities we attend.

  2. Not being a Mormon, does the LDS Church tie men’s privates as much to the Ordinates, as much as it does women’s privates? What happens to MTFs? Does the MTF loose the priesthood since she no longer have a male equiment?

  3. @Duo4Peace,the podcast was 59:23 so maybe you need to download it again or try to listen to it via another method?

    This whole podcast was completely brilliant. I’m sitting here taking notes the second time around because you all captured exactly what I was trying to articulate about the whole Pantspocalypse event. Best line ever, “the power that’s in the pants.” Seriously brilliant.

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