Quick List

Episode 95: Diet Coke Chat on Authority

Lindsay talks with Stephanie Lauritzen and Jerilyn Pool over diet cokes on the subject of authority.

Episode 94: Polygamy Laws and Gay Marriage Laws in Utah Explained

Lindsay Park talks with Adam Ford, a practicing Utah attorney and Executive Director of the Sunstone Educational Foundation about the recent polygamy and gay marriage rulings and what they mean to Mormons.

Mary & the Marys Part 1: Advent and the Christmas Season

Join Cami in her interview of Maxine Hanks on Mary, the Mother of God

Feminist Mormon Talks Episode 5: Heather Moore-Farley

Heather Moore-Farley reads the talk she gave on November 24th, 2013 on “Apology.”

Episode 93: Heavenly Mother

Join Lindsay as she talks with Edward Jones and Kimberly Lewis about Heavenly Mother.

Episode 92: Pants to Church Part Two

Join Lindsay as she interviews the organizers of “Second Annual Wear Pants to Church Day,”Jerilyn and Nancy.

Episode 91: LDS Feminism and LGBT = United for Equality

Join Cami, Edward and Meg as they discuss how the LDS Feminist &  LGBT communities can unite forces to achieve equality across sexually-defined borders.

FMBC: Half the Sky: Turning Oppression Into Opportunity for Women Worldwide

Join Cami, Chelsea and Anissa as they discuss “Half The Sky” by Pulitzer Prize Winners Nicholas D. Kristof and Sheryl WuDunn. Find out how we can do our share in turning women’s oppression into opportunity!

Episode 90: Russell Stevenson and Three Historical Feminist Narratives

Join Jerilyn as she interviews historian Russell Stevenson about three interesting historical stories that deal with women’s issues.

Episode 89: Narratives of Grace

Join Lindsay as she talks with Sara B. (crazywomancreek from FMH) and Robin Linkhart from the Community of Christ (former RLDS) about the concept of Grace and the theological differences and similarities with the concept.

Episode 88: Meet Meghan Raynes

Lisa interviews Meghan Raynes from the Exponent about her life and Mormon story.

Profiles in Radical Self-Respect, Episode One: Laura

Join Jerilyn as she interviews Laura about her act of radical self-respect for our new series based on Kate Kelly’s idea of Radical Self-respect.

Episode 87: LDS Adoptions

Join Risa as she talks with Melynda and Sally about their experiences with LDS adoption through a birth mother’s perspective.

Episode 86: Diet Coke Chat with Malia – Halloween

Join Lindsay and Malia as they have a casual conversation over diet cokes about Halloween.

Episode 85: Mormons and Magic

Join Lindsay and Nick as they talk about contemporary ideas of magic within Mormonism vs. attitudes and practices that were common during the Restoration and the 19th century.

Episode 84: Witches

Join Lindsay, Nat Kelly and Margaret Toscano as they talk about the history and myth of Witches.

Episode 83: Meet Kate Kelly

Join Lisa as she interviews the founder of Ordain Women, Kate Kelly about her life growing up in the church.

Episode 82: Mormon Myths and Urban Legends

Join Lindsay as she interviews Casey from HolyFetch.com, a site dedicated to Mormon Myths and Urban Legends.

Episode 81: Questioning the Ordain Women Movement

Lindsay and Jerilyn grill Kate Kelly, founder of the Ordain Women Movement about the questions they have and the questions they’ve seen most commonly from others about the movement and repercussions of the movement.

Episode 80: Working Moms Vs Stay-At-Home Moms

Join Lindsay as she discusses working parents and stay-at-home parents and listens to the stories of four women that have done both.

Episode 79: Working For the Church As a Woman and  Mother

Join Risa as she describes her experience working as a Social Worker for LDS Family Services and the LDS Church.

Episode 78: Chastity Object Lessons

Join Lindsay as she talks with the Mormon History Guy, Russell Stevenson about the history of Chastity Object Lessons like “Chewed Gum” and the “Flower Lesson.”

Episode 77: Guilt

Episode 76: Who Are Mormon Feminists?

Join Lindsay as she interviews Nancy Ross and Jessica Finnigan about their research and data they’ve been collecting on “Mormon Feminist Identity.”

Episode 75: Envy and Jealousy

Join Lindsay and Malia as they discuss “pink-on-pink” envy and jealousy amongst women and the role the patriarchy could play in it.

Episode 74: The One Year Penalty on Temple Marriages

Join Lisa as she interviews the Barker Brothers from Family First Weddings, a site that is trying to relieve the penalty on the one-year waiting period between sealings and marriages.

Episode 73: The History of LDS Correlation

Join Lindsay as she talks with April from the Exponent ii as she talks about the history of LDS Priesthood Correlation.

Episode 72: Meet Alliegator

Join Lisa as she interviews Alice (Alliegator at FMH) about her life and her belief.

Episode 71: The Darker Side of Pioneer Day

Join Lindsay, Malia and Kaimi as they have a casual discussion about Pioneer day and some of stories we don’t talk about on Pioneer day.

Episode 70: Feminist Kryptonite – Makeup

Lindsay and Malia discuss their love of makeup and the feminist problems makeup causes.

Episode 69: Meet ZD Eve

Join Lisa as she interviews ZD Eve from the Mormon Feminist blog, ZelophehadsDaughters.

Episode 68: Eating Disorders 

Join Lindsay, Suzi and Tara as they discuss eating disorders and recovery.

Episode 67: Darkness and Light

Join Lindsay as she interviews Margaret Toscano about mythological goddesses, darkness and light and the death and rebirths we all experience in life.

Episode 66: Meet Eliza R. Snow

Join Lindsay and Kaimi as they chat with author and LDS Hymn writer Karen Lynn Davidson as she talks about the life and personality of Eliza R. Snow and all about the new book titled, Eliza, The Life and Faith of Eliza R. Snow.

Episode 65: Mormon Women In the 21st Century: Challenges, Hopes, and New Directions

Join Kaimi, Kristine, Colleen and Danielle as they discuss the questions: Does the LDS church meet the needs of women in the 21st Century? In what ways are women’s needs addressed, and in what ways do gaps remain? What are some ways that the institution might adapt to address unmet needs, and what might that look like?

Episode 64: Meet Chelsea Strayer

Join Lisa as she interviews Chelsea Strayer, a medical anthropologist, professor, mother, and Mormon feminist activist.

Episode 63: Youtube Presentation, “Sisterhood” Global Women’s Issues in the LDS Context

As requested, I am publishing the presentation I did for our ward Relief Society’s enrichment night on Global Women’s issues.

Episode 62: Meet Emma Lou Thayne – Part One

Join Lisa as she interviews the legendary Emma Lou Thayne, poet and LDS hymn writer about her life and church experiences. This is a two-part series, so be sure to listen to both episodes!

Episode 61: How to Talk to Your Kids About Racism

Join Lisa as she talks with Fatimah and Jo about how to discuss racism and issues of diversity with children.

Episode 60: Sexism in Mormon Facebook Groups

Join Lindsay as she discusses the way Mormons engage in sexism on online forums designed for progressive Mormons. John Larsen from Mormon Expression talks about his perspectives along with Sara from fmh and Morgen from Feminist Pinners.

Episode 59: “Elders” With Ryan McIlvain

Sara interviews author of the hit book EldersRyan McIlvain about the book, his life and his stories behind the stories. He talks about marketing a book about Mormons to a secular audience and how he approaches the faith he grew up in but no longer belongs to.

Episode 58: The Righteous and Very Real Housewives of Utah County

Derek Staffanson and Heidi Doggett talk with author Miguel Santana and AP Productions board member Jackie Biskupski about The Righteous and Very Real Housewives of Utah County, a new play exploring Mormon women’s roles, conformity, and freedom that is premiering this week in Salt Lake City.

Episode 57: Girls Camp

Join Lindsay and Malia as the discuss the structure of LDS Young Women “Girls Camps” and reminisce their own experiences.

Episode 56: Super Cool Feminism

This is part one in a series of episodes designed to explore the benefits that feminist theory have given women. Join Lindsay, Trine, Analisa and Heather to discuss how feminism has impacted their own lives for the better.

Episode 55: Church History in Black and White – Examining Mormonism’s Racial Past

Join Kaimi, Janan, Trine and Danielle for a discussion about the experience of race and the LDS community (with a particular focus on women’s issues), both through church history and into the 21st Century.

Episode 54: The Male Gaze

Join Lindsay, Sara, Janan and Heather as they discuss the issue of “The Male Gaze” and how it is manifested in Mormonism.

Episode 53: Meet Mary Ellen Robertson

Join Lisa as she interviews Mary Ellen Robertson, Executive Director of Sunstone.

Episode 52: Women That Leave Because of Gender Inequality

Join Lindsay as she talks to three women (Gabe, Katrina and Kimberly) about their decision to stop attending church because of issues relating to gender inequality in the LDS church.  (Please be respectful of their stories)

Bonus Episode: I’m a Mormon Feminist Camaign!

Join Amber and Analisa as they discuss the creation of their new website Mormonfeminist.org!

Episode 51: When Sacred Things Become Mormon Taboos – The Cross

Join historian Michael G. Reed as he discusses his book Banishing the Cross: The Emergence of a Mormon Taboo with Lindsay. The two discuss the history of the cross within Mormonism and use it as a field guide to how other cultural and doctrinal items in the LDS church become eventual taboos.

Episode 50: Mormon Women Have Their Say

Kaimi interviews volume editors Claudia Bushman and Caroline Kline and scholar Rachel Hunt Steenblik about the Claremont Oral History project, and about _Mormon women Have Their Say_.

Episode 49: Feminism and Activism

Join Amber, Joanna and Kimberly as they have a rigorous discussion about power mapping, strategy and goals of the current LDS Feminist movement.

Episode 48: Is the World Getting Worse?

Please join Lindsay as she, Lisa and Chelsea discuss fears LDS people have about “the world getting worse” and other apocalyptic doctrine and how it fits with what is currently known about the current state of affairs in the world.

Episode 47: Are You An Absent Mother? And Other Mommy Issues

Join Lisa and Rebecca from Radiant and Real health returning to discuss the feelings of guilt and pressure mothers often feel, including not paying enough attention to their children. Rebecca also discusses letting go of and working on other issues with our mothers.

Episode 46: Mormons and Domestic Abuse

Join Lindsay as she interviews Domestic Violence expert and advocate Meghan Raynes about domestic abuse within the Mormon culture and how we are taught as Mormons to process it. Please share this important information to everyone you know.

Episode 45: Feminist Kryptonite – Musicals!

Join Lindsay and Malia as they discuss one of their other favorite “Feminist Kryptonites,”  Musicals and show tunes.  Trigger Warning: Discussions of rape, abduction and violence.

Episode 44: Meet Emily Clyde Curtis

Join Lisa as she interviews co-editor of the Exponent II, Emily Clyde Curtis about her life growing up, her faith and her involvement in Mormon Feminism.

Episode 43: Bodies, An Introduction

Join Lindsay as she has an introductory discussion about female embodiment, eating disorders, growing up female, body issues and more with Joanna, Sara and Meghan.

Episode 42: The Succession Crisis and LDS Priesthood

Join Kaimi as he interviews LDS historian Ben Park, Community of Christ (RLDS) historian John Hamer and Danielle Mooney as they discuss the complicated narrative of proper lines of priesthood authority, who really was supposed to follow Joseph Smith as prophet of the Mormon church and how Brigham Young’s church differs from other factions in Mormonism.

Episode 41: Twelve Common Limiting Beliefs and Emotional Blocks for Mormons

Join Lisa as she and Rebecca from Radiant and Real health, along with Nikki discuss twelve emotional blocks that prevent Mormons from finding peace and wellness.

Episode 40: Infertility

Join Christy as she discuss issues of infertility with Tresa, Colleen and Ashley.

Episode 39: Mormons andCritical Race Theory

In this podcast, Kaimi joins Janan, Trine and Danielle to discuss some of the explanations set out in a branch of progressive scholarship called Critical Race Theory (and Critical Race Feminism).

Episode 38: Meet Margaret Young

Join Lisa as she interviews BYU professor Margaret Young about her life and marriages, her work as a writer and filmmaker and her latest project the Heart of Africa movie.

Episode 37: Meet Emma Hale Smith Bidamon, Part Two

Join historian John Hamer as he and Lindsay discuss Emma Smith’s marriage to Joseph, the martyrdom and Emma’s new marriage and life in the Reorganized Church of Latter-Day Saints.

Episode 36: An Elect Lady, The Story of Emma Smith Part One

Join renowned historian John Hamer as he honors the life of Emma Smith by telling her history with Lindsay.

Episode 35: Mormon Women of Color

Join Lindsay, Janan, Malia and Aceneth as they discuss basic issues of intersectionality and experiences growing up in the church as women of color and as Mormon feminists.

Episode 34: What We Learned from Lavina – Whom Do You Worship?

Whom do you worship? Join Lindsay, Kaimi, and Matt as they discuss values of the institution vs. values of the gospel and how much emphasis we place on both and the tension between the two, using Lavina Fielding Anderson’s essays as a field guide.

Episode 33: Our List of Horrible RomComs

Episode 32: Cosmo’s Top Ten “Chick Flicks” (That Aren’t That Bad

Join Lindsay and Malia as they discuss Cosmo’s top 10 “chick flicks”, (their term) or films that are supposed to appeal to women.

Episode 31: Meet Exponent II Editor, Aimee Hickman

Join Lisa as she interviews the editor of The Exponent Magazine II, Aimee Hickman about her conversion to the gospel, her marriage and always staying true to her feminist values.

Bonus Episode: Equal Pray for Women!

Join Lindsay as she interviews the creators of the “Let Women Pray” campaign to allow women to say the opening and closing prayers in the LDS General Conference services. Amber, Analisa and Curtis explain why they created this event.

Episode 30: Critiques of Mormon Feminism

Join Lindsay as she discusses perceptions of Mormon Feminism with the cast and crew of the Mormon Expositor Podcast.

Bonus Episode: Meet Neylan McBain Pt. 2

In this two-part series, Sarah from A Thoughtful Faith interviews Neylan about her faith, the Mormon Women Project, and her FAIR presentation.

Bonus Episode: Meet Neylan McBain Pt. 1

In this two-part series, Sarah from A Thoughtful Faith interviews Neylan about her faith, the Mormon Women Project, and her FAIR presentation.

Episode 29: Meet Ellis Shipp

In this episode, Lindsay and Alyssa are joined by Liz Hammond as she relates the fascinating story of Ellis Shipp, a Mormon woman (1847-1939) who was one of the first female doctors in the Utah territory.

Episode 28: Famous Mormons

Join Lindsay and Malia as they discuss some of Mormonism’s most “famous people.” If you’re into all that “worldly” stuff.

Episode 27: The Nature of God and the Divine Feminine

Join Lisa as she and Kristine Haglund talk with Fiona Givens, co-author of the new book, “The Good Who Weeps,” as they discuss the birth of Christ, the nature of God, the Divine Feminine and Fiona’s new book in this special Christmas Eve episode.

Episode 26: Faith, Fear, and Moving Forward Feminism With Joanna Brooks

Join Lindsay as she chats with Joanna Brooks about what it’s like to experience fear as a Mormon Feminist and how you can transition from fear and move forward to let Mormon Feminism work for you.

Bonus Episode: Pantpocalypse

A special bonus pantscast featuring the fabulous pantstigators Stephanie Lauritzen and Kimberly Brinkerhoff Baptista in conversation with Lindsay and Kaimi.

Episode 25: An Interview With Kristine Haglund

Join Lisa as she interviews Kristine Haglund about growing up, her faith and her feelings about the church and how Kristine makes it all work.

Episode 24: Daughters in My Kingdom Chapter 2 – The Relief Society, Part Two

Join Alyssa as she interviews George Miller, an expert in historical research about the connections between Mormons and Masonry. In the second part of the chapter 2 series, George and Alyssa discuss the strong Masonic imagery that Joseph Smith employed when addressing the Relief Society and what these allusions reveal about Joseph Smith’s possible intentions for the Relief Society.

Episode 23: Daughters in My Kingdom Chapter 2 – The Relief Society, Part One

Join Alyssa, Lindsay, Kaimi and George Miller as they discuss how the Relief Society was first formed, how the practice of polygamy had a strong impact on the proceedings of the early Relief Society meetings, and propose different theories about why the Relief Society was disbanded for the next 23 years of church history. Be sure to check out part two!

Episode 22: SAHM’s and $$ Money

Join Lindsay and Malia as they discuss finances with Belinda, a banking manager from Montana. They focus on how to specifically protect yourself as a stay-at-home-parent and how to better prepare yourself and become more financially independent.

Episode 21: Feminism Wants What You Want

Join Lindsay, Danielle, Meredith and Amanda as they discuss four controversial topics, (men, modesty, pornography and abortion) and why we have the same goals as our faithful LDS sisters who don’t identify with the title of “Feminist.”

Episode 20: Meet Nat Kelly

Join fmhLisa as she interviews Nat Kelly from the Feminist Mormon Housewives blog about her life, her feminism and her passionate beliefs for worker’s rights.

Episode 19: Daughters in My Kingdom – The Lost Chapter

Join Alyssa, Claudia Bushman, George Miller, and Kaimi as they discuss women’s participation in Mormonism in the early decades of the church.

Episode 18: Women With Priesthood – A Talk With Female CoC (RLDS) Church Leaders

Join Lindsay as she speaks with Robin Linkhart, quorum president Western USA Mission Field for the Community of Christ (also known as the Reorganized Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints) and JoAnn Fisher, a minister in the Community of Christ as they discuss being a female and holding priesthood in their church.

Episode 17: Feminist Kryptonite – Disney

Join Lindsay and Malia as they discuss Lindsay’s biggest “Feminist Kryptonite,” Disney and the Disney Princess franchise and its potentially harmful gender stereotypes.

Episode 16: Male and Feminist, A Discussion With Brad Kramer

Join Lisa as she interviews Brad Kramer from By Common Consent (BCC) as he discusses his ‘feminist awakening’ and how his views about women and the church have evolved and shifted over time.

Episode 15: Domestic Violence

Join Lindsay as she interviews Meghan Raynes from the Exponent blog about the issue of domestic violence.

Episode 14: Daughters in My Kingdom Chapter 1 – Women in Early Christianity

Join Alyssa, Jana Riess and Jared Anderson as they kick off the first podcast in the Daughters in My Kingdom series.

Bonus Episode: Maxine Hanks on Revisionist History

Join Alyssa and Kaimi as they interview Maxine Hanks about her landmark book of feminist scholarship Women and Authority: Emerging Mormon Feminism (1993).

Episode 13: Global Feminism and Poverty

Join Lindsay, Nat Kelly, Kate Kelly, and Missy Lambert as they discuss global poverty and how it affects women around the world. This is  the first in a series of issues dealing with feminism on a global scale.

Episode 12: BYU Feminists

Join fmhLisa as she interviews Hannah Wheelwright, a BYU sophomore majoring in political science who organized the Young Mormon Feminists blog and a feminist group at BYU.

Bonus Episode: Margaret and Paul Toscano on Online Mormonism Today and Mormonism in the 90’s

Join Lindsay, Kaimi and Alyssa and guests Margaret and Paul Toscano as they discuss shifting dynamics and tensions within Mormonism today and yesterday.

Episode 11: “I Feel Unequal” LDS WAVE

Join Tresa, Chelsea, Jenne and Jessica as they discuss their work with LDS WAVE (Women adovcating for voice and equality) and list the small and simple changes that could be made within the church to give women greater equity within the LDS church.

Bonus Episode: The September Six and Other Disciplined Dissidents

To remember the events of September 1993, and the events that led up to and followed, we present a series of three bonus podcasts to be released this month (September 2012). In the first of the series, join Kaimi and Alyssa as they give the historical context of the excommunicated intellectuals and feminists dubbed, “The September Six.” They also discuss other prominent feminists punished for their work and beliefs. 

Episode 10: Feminist Kryptonite – Celeb Gossip

Lindsay and Malia discuss the first of a series of “Feminist Kryptonite” or things that feminists might like, but probably shouldn’t. In this episode they discuss celebrity gossip and culture and its harmful impact on society as well as their experience working within the industry.

Episode 9: Stay at Home Dads

Join Derek, Jeff, Cory and Lindsay as they describe their experiences of being Stay at Home parents and discuss the challenges and benefits of being a Stay at Home Dad.

Episode 8: Stages of Feminism

Tresa (Reese Dixon) explains to Lindsay the stages of a feminist transition and explains the process of moving from Mormon, to Mormon Feminist.

Episode 7: Mommy P*rn

Join Lisa, Sara, and Malia as they explain to interested observer Lindsay, the appeal of Romance Novels and Erotica and their relationship to feminism.

Episode 6: Lisa Interviews FMH Blogger Elisothel

Join fmhLisa as she interviews Liz Hammond (Elisothel) who blogs at FeministMormonHousewives.org about her life and her feminist awakening!

Episode 5: Finding Your Light in the Darkness of Doubt

Lindsay talks to Nikki, Brooke and Katrina about “The Light of Christ” and the concept of light in Mormonism and what happens to that light when our faith is in transition, we lose our faith, or we struggle.

Episode 4: Threats!

Join Lindsay, Amanda and Matt as they talk about the oft-discussed quote from Elder Boyd K. Packer’s talk to the All-Church Coordinating Council about biggest challenges or “threats” to the LDS church. Are Feminists, Gays and Intellectuals threatening to the church or is the issue more complicated?

Episode 3: A Spoonful of Sugar

Join Lindsay, Liz, Meredith and Melissa as they discuss benevolent patriarchy!

Episode 2: Patriarchy

Join Alyssa, Derek and Lindsay as they attempt to define the terms “Patriarchy” and “Matriarchy” and give context to how those words affect out society.

Episode 1: Sex and a Sandwich

The official kick-off episode of the fMh podcast.  Join Lindsay, fMhLisa, and Emily as they talk about whether sex and a sandwich is really all men need to make a good marriage.

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