Year of Polygamy

Join Lindsay for the primer series on Mormon Polygamy that will begin with the wives of Joseph Smith and eventually broaden to contemporary strains of the practice today.

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9 thoughts on “Year of Polygamy

  1. I hate polygamy. It is just another invention of males who wanted to have sex with loads of women and invented a religion which not only allowed it but made it a commandment. The more i go the more i hate religions. All created by men, rules and run by them, to their advantage and profit. Nothing to do with what relgions should be. No wonder people become atheist when we read these fallacies and no wonder women do not want to marry. They have understood at last that most religions and men are the greatest threat to them, their health, their safety their survival. I have no time to spare for any religion that does not protect women from the lust, abuse, dominion, exploitation of men as this and other religion do.

    1. RIGGHHTT… hahaha (I’m sure that polygamy was not for men to support women who were in need and without a husband to support them). It is so absurd for you to say these things when in reality pretty much everything done in past societies were in fact for the benefit of women. THINK ABOUT WHAT YOU ARE SAYING! (excluding polygamy) most religions promote monogamy. why would men want this? wouldn’t they rather be able to have sex with as many partners as they want? So why then would they promote monogamy? simple for the benefit of women and children to have a stable family and someone who will stay with them to provide for them.

      I am eager to hear your response and rebuttal :)
      (and to say women do not experience lust is very sexist! It is saying women are less than human. I’m sure every reasonable person would agree with me when I say lust is something experienced in every humans life and one of the many feelings that humans have. So you are either being hypocritical by shaming men for lust or sexist by saying women do not experience an emotion fundamental to humanity.)

  2. I am very pleased to have found your blog and podcasts and have found them very interesting. They have given me good insight into my own direct Mormon family history which includes 3 polygamous families. I would love to find any journals from my great-great grandmothers, their sister wives and their female children to gain a better understanding of the family dynamics. Do you have any suggestions on how I might find these? As a non-morman feminist, I suspect that I might get non-cooperation from any official Mormon sources.

    1. Jan,

      Some places to look for written accounts involving your own ancestry would be The Church History Library, BYU’s L.Tom Perry Special Collections, and the Mormon Overland Travel Database. There are others, but these are helpful starters. They are all equipped with easy search features. The University of Utah and Utah State University both have extensive catalogs of Utah History and personal papers from early settler families.


  3. Lindsay, are you familiar with the pamphlet, “The Peacemaker”?

    It was published in Nauvoo by our church press, written by Udney. Hay Jacob (who later joined the church and traveled to Utah with the first party). It might have been printed as a feeler to view the Saints’ reactions to the concept.

    In a Dialogue article, its concepts were discussed as perhaps expressing the roots of the church founders’ beliefs in polygamy,d.aWw&cad=rja

    It is fascinating, chilling, and troubling–at least to me.

  4. I feel like listening to this series has changed how I view the discussion around the handbook announcement regarding LGBT “apostates.” Many active LDS friends are lumping homosexuality with polygamy, and say, “It’s fine because we don’t let polygamist kids get baptized either.” It feels so ill-informed to look at the Brighamite church’s current position on polygamy without understanding the journey it took to get there and the rocky road. Writing off polygamists as apostate is fraught with trouble.

  5. I’m trying to listen to them in order, but the link for Episode 91 actually takes you back to episode 82. It makes me sad. Can that be fixed please? It does it both on the FMH site and Year of Polygamy site. Thanks!

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