Year of Polygamy: Louisa Beaman, Episode 03

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Join Lindsay for the primer series on Mormon Polygamy that will begin with the wives of Joseph Smith and eventually broaden to contemporary strains of the practice today. This episode deals with Louisa Beaman.
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5 thoughts on “Year of Polygamy: Louisa Beaman, Episode 03

  1. Lindsay,

    I am loving this series so much. May I gently offer one correction? Ya, that’s dumb of me to ask, since I am going to offer it now.

    I am concerned with how the work of Brian C. Hales has been caricatured by some as, “He is trying to prove that J. Smith didn’t have sex with any of his plural wives.” I’m not saying you are necessarily doing that, but you did mis-state his position with regards to Sister Louisa Beaman. In Appendix E (Volume 2, page380) of Hales’s trilogy, he has Louisa Beaman listed (right after Fanny Alger) as one of Joseph’s plural wives with whom he had sexual relations.

    I’m loving this series. What ever happened to the “Daughters of My Kingdom” series? I loved that one too.


    1. Very fair Mike. Thanks for noticing. I think in one of the episodes I conflated Hales’ work with the Joseph fought polygamy crowd and I didn’t mean to do that. Hales work is thorough, but he does draw different conclusions at times that I don’t always agree with.

      1. Word.

        Peace out Homegirl. Cathy and I are going to grab some prime rib.

        Podcast idea: Interview Russell Stevenson regarding the early documents that pertain to the Doctrine of a Heavenly Mother.

  2. Hi Lindsay. Thanks for the kind comment. I’ve found that my books have been “controversial” because I have come to conclusions that differ significantly from the traditional view created by Fawn Brodie, Todd Compton, and others. My desire is simply to get all the documents out there and let people decide for themselves. They are all in my books and eventually will be available on my website. Our discussions of Joseph and his plural wives needs to centered around the original manuscripts rather than my interpretation or that of any other person. Thanks, Brian (PS I’d enjoy participating in a podcast on any topic associated with JS and polygamy.)

  3. Hi, I’m really appreciating this series. Thank you for your hard work. I’ve got a question- who is that portrait attributed to? I’m loving all of art you’ve found here, and would like to know who the artists are. Thanks!

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